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Criminal Defense Attorney Serving Akron, Ohio

Your Voice in the Courtroom

When area residents are charged with criminal offenses, they often turn to the Law Office Of Patrick J. Weiss in Akron, Ohio, for local representation. Criminal charges can change the course of your life, and we want to help avoid that. We focus on criminal law as it applies to this region, and we serve clients who’ve been wrongfully accused as well as those who’ve made mistakes and want to overcome them.

Our law firm takes on cases involving littering and indecent exposure, for instance, but we also represent clients in complex matters involving assault and drug possession charges. Our approach will depend on your unique circumstances, and we may be able to help by:

Negotiating with prosecutors to reduce charges

Performing an independent investigation

Representing you in court if necessary

Defend Your Future

What to Do if You've Been Charged

No matter what your charge is (we have extensive experience with expungement, DUI, drug crimes, and domestic violence), it is important to follow these rules so you don't end up with heftier fines or longer sentences in prison:

  • Remain Silent: the police, detective, and authorities may try to convince you to speak by "trying to get your side of the story." Whether this is actually true or not, anything you say can cause you to be convicted or make your penalties harsher than they were ever going to be otherwise.

  • Stay Calm: Especially if you've been wrongfully accused of a crime, your emotions may get the best of you and you may say something that will only make matters worse. Remember that as long as we are by your side, you are in good hands, your voice will be heard, and we will fight for your rights as a citizen and as a human being.

  • Contact an Attorney Immediately: As mentioned above, an attorney will be your voice when working with the judge to get you the least harsh penalty possible.

Whether you’re dealing with a minor traffic infraction or significant felony charges, let the Law Office Of Patrick J. Weiss work to protect your rights. Our firm provides criminal law services throughout the Akron, Ohio area. Give us a call today for more information about how we may be able to help you.